ServiceMaster of Guelph recognizes the contributions of VELVET BREESE

When Velvet Breese first walked through the doors at ServiceMaster of Guelph over 10 years ago, she was immediately hired as a cleaner.  Her stint with us as a cleaner would be short-lived as we very quickly recognized Velvet’s abilities.  Velvet has since become an outstanding and beloved supervisor for ServiceMaster of Guelph and most certainly an EVERYDAY HERO!

Velvet’s dedication to performing her duties with care and attention shone in everything she did, earning her a well-deserved promotion to Supervisor where she is able to help harness that same dedication from her front-line cleaners.  With Velvet, we never need to wonder or worry about anything, as Velvet often puts the company before anything else, even her own personal needs!

We are proud and thankful to have Velvet on our team and to recognize her for the excellence she shows to us and her front-line cleaners everyday! 


“Velvet, you are an exemplary employee! You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”